Thank you to the people at Stealth Fishing Products for rethinking fly tying hooks.  They have simplified the antiquated system used for fly tying hooks and have brought to market, not just a better hook, but a total system that makes hook selection and organization simple and incredibly efficient.

We have tested them extensively and we couldn’t be more impressed…



  • No more confusing numbering systems that don’t mean anything.
  • Stealths TruForm Geometry ensures that each and every hook size is true to the anatomical proportions of the natural insects.
  • Stealth hooks are incredibly sharp (much sharper than we are used to).
  • Specially designed hook eye on the ‘C’ (curved) and ‘N’ (nymph) series of hooks that makes it almost impossible to crowd the eye when tying the fly.
  • The ‘C’ series hook is the best fish holding hook that we have ever used.
  • Best of all, the process that Stealth is using to make their hooks black is much more environmentally friendly than the normal method used to make bronze hooks shiney.
  • Every 25 pack box is very high quality and includes a removable magnetic hook pallet eliminating mess and hook loss.
  • Simple and efficient to use.
  • No more hooks in the carpet!
  • Stealths ‘Hatch Matcher’ chart makes hook selection fast and painless.
  • The Stealth Hook Vault is a testament to the amount of time and thought that this company has put into their system.  Not only have they produced a hook system that has completely changed the way we think about hooks, but they took everything to a whole new level with the ‘hook vault’.
  • The ‘Hook Vault’ has magnetic closures and laser cut foam inside to hold up to 16 models of stealth hooks.
  • Economical 100 pack refills come in an esthetically pleasing box with magnetic closure.
  • Stealth also offers the ‘Master Tyer Series’ which comes fully loaded with a set of ‘C’ series hooks and ‘N’ series hooks.

  • An incredible value when purchasing them all together.

For more information about Stealth Fly Company, visit their website

We have a complete range of stealth products available in our store.