Stealth N Series Hooks 25pk Refill

The, by far, greatest all around hook produced. This versatile hook is ultra sharp, black and has a heavy wire. Part of our incredibly popular and easy to use Stealth system. The N series hook, produced with TRUFORM GEOMETRY, ensures every hook size perfectly matches the anatomy of the natural insects every time. More About Stealth

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Now you can purchase economical refills for any of the Stealth Hook Models.  All Stealth hooks are available in economical 25 count packaging.  Whether you are refilling your Stealth hook cases or using your own hook containers.  You get the same great hooks but in a different package.

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Additional information

Stealth "N" Hook Sizes

N 22, N 20, N 18, N 16, N 14, N 12, N 10, N 8, N 6, N 4, N 3, N 2

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