Choosing the Correct Fly Every Time

A simple hack that makes fly selection easy

Sampling the River… four part system (part I)

Traditionally, the fly fishing community teaches us how to match the hatch and choose the best fly imitation but this ‘Hack’ takes all that to a whole new level.  It is part 1 of a 2 part video. This tip empowers the fly fisherman to know exactly what the fish are eating, what food organisms they are likely to see, and how to identify triggers and match the hatch.

Fly Selection (part II)

This is part two in a the series of how to properly sample the river and determine which fly to use while fly fishing. It is part of our systematic approach to fly fishing, that consistently produces results. In this video we utilize the samples that we took in part one of the series and through the process of elimination, choose the best possible fly imitation very quickly.

Choosing the Best Seine;  buying right (part III)

There are different sizes of net seines on the market.  Buying a seine that does not properly fit your net will be a complete waste of money and this video addresses how to properly size the seine to your net so that you get the best results.  Buy right, buy once and choose the proper fly for fly fishing, each and every time.

How to Install Your Seine (part IV)

This video shows how to properly install a net seine onto your landing net so you can quickly and easily choose the best fly imitation for fly fishing.