Must Have Fly Tying Accessories

10pc Fly Display Kit

Easily display your fly tying creations for friends, family or fly tying events. Excellent for fly tying photography. Proudly display your flies and safely transport them from place to place.

Each Display Kit includes

  • 10 spring loaded fly holders in four colors
  • laser cut foam with 15 fly clip holes for endless configuration
  • micro slit foam to hold up to 115 flies
  • protective durable plastic holder to protect flies and holders

Stealth Fly Products

Stealth Fly Products has completely modernized the way we think about fly tying hooks. The unique stealth black finish is not anodized and thus a more environmentally friendly process and product.  The absence of anodization, combined with chemical sharpening, results in a much sharper hook.

The Stealth reusable hook boxes, with reusable magnetic inserts are pure genius.

The Stealth TruForm Geometry has to be the most impressive thing Stealth has done.  They have simplified fly tying hooks to just 3 models and completely eliminated the antiquated system of 1x long, 2x heavy 3x wide etc… Each and every hook size and model is uniquely and individually designed to match the anatomy of the natural insects that fly tyers immitate.

Add the Stealth hook vault, with laser cut foam and magnetic closure and you have one of our favorite brands… We love companies who are innovating better ways to do things that result in quality and efficiency for fly tyers and fly fisherman.

Stealth Fly Products
Sage x Fly Fishing Rod